Sunday, April 19, 2009

~Brannon's Room Painting Party & the Week from You Know Where~

Well we finally got to paint Brannon's room today. This past week was off the chain. It started with me being put on bed rest Monday. I was having a lot of cramping and throwing up (imagine that) Monday morning. When I called my favorite nurse Sherry she told me to go ahead and come in. So after freaking out b/c she told me they might be contractions. My mom and I headed to Shreveport. I was having a couple of contractions and my gallbladder is still being a butt head so he told me off to bed you go. Work is very stressful this year and he said they further along I get the worse the stress is on the baby. Tuesday my Nanny passed out while she was in town and the Shreveport Fire Department had to come check her. Wednesday I spent the day at the doctor again. Thursday, Erika's husband fell off a two story apartment complex. Adam calls and says "Shreveport fire dept just called and Brad had a accident and he is on the way to the hospital, and I will call you right back I got another call."Are you kidding me. I made a mental note that I had to teach him proper phone protocol in an emergency. So once I got him back on the phone I was headed to WK South. He had surgery about and hour after we got there. The put a titanium screw in the big bone in your lower leg. He had a compound fracture to both the bones in his lower leg. He is home and doing a lot better now. He scared us half to death. So needless to say my first week of bed rest was pretty busy.
We finally got all of Brannon's nursery furniture in. We only had to return the dresser three times because it was either the wrong one or it was scratched. This time they got it right thanks goodness. He are some pictures of Adam and my Dad painting his room after church today.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Finally Getting a Blog.......

Hello everyone! This is my first blog and I am super excited about blogging and keeping in touch with my friends who don't live right around me.
My mom was babysitting my 2 month old cousin Maddi today and she came over for a little while with her today. It made me realize how EXCITED I am for our little baby boy to get here. I can't wait! She is too cute and funny. I actually got to get a couple of things out that people had handed down to me. She loved the bouncy chair.
O.K. enough about that.... Well I made some Baby Boy Bueton decisions today. I finally made my first decision about things for him. I picked out his bedding last night and actually got everyone's approval on it. I found a bedding set months ago at Lady's In Waiting and I loved it, but it was $594 and I was not paying that for baby bedding. The sheets had to be dry cleaned....Yeah right! But last night I was playing around online and I found this one and I loved it just as much. I did realize after browsing around how much stuff we are going to need and how much all this baby stuff is going to cost. When you don't have any of that stuff and you have to buy it all. it sure does add up. LOL